About the Record Management System (RMS)

Our RMS is constructed using PHP's Data Object (PDO) with a Enterprise Mysql Database.

You do not need an IT department or person to maintain your own server/s and operating system costs to use our RMS. We manage the RMS and you can connect to it using any device connected to the internet. Yes! - Any laptop, desktop, tablet and even a smart phone can be used to complete reports using the RMS.


Main Menu

RMS Login:

Our RMS comes with or without Two Factor Authentication provided by Duo Security.

After logging in and verification of a users username and password, the user would then receive on their smartphone an authentication from the DUO Security app. on the users cell phone.

Upon final verified the user would then redirected to one of the Main RMS pages consistent with their role. Current Roles are user (officers / deputies), supervisor, booking or the administrator page.

In addition to all security measures listed above, each device's IP address is listed with the Firewall provided ultimate security.

Main Menu

Main Menu

Main Menu:

After the successful login the deputy or officer would be directed to the Main Menu.

Using the Main Menu you can do the following:

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